Embroidery is one of the most common artwork embellishments for headwear and our “Embroidery 101” tutorials will help explain the ins and outs of different embroidery executions.  In this post, we’ll discuss stars and cover some tips to keep in mind as you’re developing your artwork.

Stars are a popular logo element included in many designs. They’re also a basic example of artwork which doesn’t always translate well into embroidery, particularly when the stars are small. Unfortunately, embroidery is only capable of so much detail and one must keep in mind the limitations imposed by embroidery thread.  Basically, it’s like the difference between drawing with a finely sharpened pencil and a felt marker, meaning detail is often lost and distorted with smaller logo elements in particular.

Therefore, by choosing the proper size for your logo elements, you can ensure that your artwork translates into nice, clean embroidery.  Obviously everyone has different ideas about what looks “clean” or “good”.  So the information in the post is not meant to be a hardline rule.  It’s simply provided for you to consider.  Take a look at the examples below to help you in designing your logo:

Generally, 1/8” (0.125”) is about as small as you will want to go to create clear execution of stars.

IMG 0194

Going any smaller, such as the example below, can sometimes make the stars appear a little less defined. That doesn’t mean you can’t have stars that small, just remember they won’t look perfect.

IMG 0189

You’ll notice that the two examples below are obviously much clearer and more defined, because at a larger size, the limitations of the embroidery thread become less of a factor.

IMG 0438

IMG 0443

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